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A fragmented industry

Currently, the container shipping industry is extremely fragmented in terms of data, processes and technology. This lack of alignment and interoperability hampers innovation and collaboration by making information exchange between parties difficult. Overall, carriers or feeders and their customers have not benefitted from the scalable, seamless, end-to-end data communication that exists in more digitally mature industries. As a result, container shipping is unable to provide customer experiences on par with, for example, banking, telecom and aviation. The industry is also rife with inefficiencies that increase costs and create unnecessary paper and carbon waste.  

Industry-wide standards increase efficiency

By aligning data, processes and technology, 永利皇宫app下载注册 standards allow trade participants to communicate in a way that is understandable and actionable. Addressing needs such as paperless trade, cargo visibility, port call optimisation and equipment management, 永利皇宫app下载注册 standards help carriers and feeders increase operational efficiency, innovation and sustainability while lowering costs. For carrier customers, standards will make shipping services more flexible, reliable and easy to use. 

Key benefits

Our standards will provide several key benefits for you as an ocean carrier.

  1. Increase the efficiency of shipping operations 
    Exchange standardised digital shipping and documentation data across your organisation and your customer and partner networks. Eliminate redundant and error-prone manual processes and communication to improve resource utilisation while lowering costs.  
  2. Provide a better customer experience
    Increase the effectiveness and reliability of shipping services by allowing seamless exchange of standardised data through agreed semantics and data attributes. This enables partners in the container shipping ecosystem to make better business decisions based on high-quality real time data.
  3. Sustainability: Further your net zero goals
    Lower shipping emissions by increasing operational efficiency around port calls and the equipment lifecycle. Significantly decrease bunker usage by enabling slow steaming and minimising waiting time. Support a green supply chain and help your business and the industry go paperless with 永利皇宫app下载注册 standards.  



$2.3 - 8.8 billion - revenue gains for carriers resulting from flexible and faster transfer of documentation based on 100% eBL adoption (source: Mckinsey, 2022).


Direct cost savings for supply chain stakeholders based on 100% eBL adoption (source: Mckinsey, 2022).


$30-40 billion - global trade growth resulting from reduced trade friction based on 100% eBL adoption (source: Mckinsey, 2022).

Our standards allow real-time collaboration between container shipping stakeholders. By ensuring continious access to timely shipping information, our standars enable stakeholders to proactive, data-driven decisions that improve business agility.

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Shape the future of container shipping with us. Contact us to discover how digital standards can help your organisation to grow.

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